Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Butterfly Sampler Progress

Because I cannot post the finished picture of "In Bloom" - Sue Spargo's 2014 BOM (everyone who signed up for the BOM had to sign an agreement that we would not post any pictures of it until Sue has published the pattern - probably not until May 2015), I will definitely show my progress on Sue Spargo's "Butterfly Sampler" that I signed up for at Craftsy.

She goes over all the stitches in her lessons that a person could use & she provides the butterfly template - the rest is up to you.  I had to decide what colours, fabrics, felts, shapes for each butterfly.  I also had to decide which threads and embroidery stitches I wanted to use.  I drew and wrote down for each butterfly a 'master' plan.  So far I have appliquéd the felt and fabrics on each butterfly.  I had started to just do one butterfly from start to finish - but that was taking too long & getting too confusing.  So I decided to plan it out, appliqué all of them and then complete the embroidery work on each one.

So far I am pleased with the progress...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Postcard Swap

These are the 4 Music themed postcards I was to make for the swap.  Again they are 4" x 6" and they are all going to the USA.  I decided to use some of the foil I had to make the shapes - didn't turn out 'too' bad - I need to work on applying the foil glue straighter.

I will be mailing them early!  Yeah, one less thing left to do… Now just to wait for the ones I am to receive...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mug Rug Swap 2015

The mug rugs I sent
This is the second round of Mug Rug Swap - through Quilting Gallery Swaps.  Mishka's Playground designed 6 mug rugs using the title 'Little Gems' to choose from - these are versions #4 & #5.  They are for my partner is Louisiana, USA.

They measure 6.5" x 10.5" and they are to be used as a placement for your coffee (or tea) mug.  She liked the colours red & yellow - so I hope she likes them.  I have to gather some goodies to send in the package & mail it on Monday.

I also sent Amy a yellow fat quarter, some Gimli postcards, a Canada wine identifier and a package of 'building a snowman' buttons I had - I put them in a Canada bag.

These two pictures show what Amy sent.

Postcard Swap

I became involved with Postmark'd Art - a postcard swapping group.  I enjoy doing fabric postcards - but I do not wish to sell them and my friends and relatives may be getting tired of receiving them - so I joined this group.  I signed up for 2 themed groups (there were a few choices) - Winter and Music.  These are my 5 fabric Winter themed postcards that I am mailing out in a few days - 4 go to the USA and 1 goes to Wales, UK.  The object is to get 5 Winter themed cards back.  This is Round 21 for this group.

They measure 4" x 6" - I embroidered the snow people.  It was fun & I hope they get to their destinations, unharmed, and on time.

I now have to create 4 Music themed postcards ...

Modern Christmas Trees Wall Hanging

I had started this wall hanging in January 2014 - hoping to get it finished before spring - but then we went away for 5 weeks!  In December 2014 I decided to finish it for Christmas - but I ran out of the quilting thread (I used too much I guess).  So I ordered another spool (1000 m!), thinking maybe I'll get it finished for Christmas 2015…

The thread came and I finished it New Years Eve day - so I officially finished it in 2014!!

I saw the quilt and instructions at - a lesson in free motion quilting.  It measures 43" x 50" when finished.  It looks great hanging in our entryway - it is crooked here as the nails need to be even.  It is ALL free motion quilted!!  It took 1.5 spools of 1000 m thread to complete it.  The bottom quilting is mini fans - used to represent snow drifts.  The middle quilting is pebbles - used to represent snowballs.  There are also snowflakes and a star on top of the tree; plus the words Peace, Noel and Joy.  The top quilting is spirals or swirls - used to represent the wind and sky.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I needed a card for my friend's 64th birthday & I decided to try one by doing Zentangle!  The process is rather mediative and I had to stop myself from overdoing it.  Not too bad for my first attempt - she seemed pleased with it...