Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TAST - Week 51

Knotted Cable Chain stitch
Yeah - I am so proud of myself - I completed all the weekly challenges for TAST 2012!!!  (I'll use the excuse that I started later in the year, so I am excused for not finishing in December...)

This last challenge was for the Knotted Cable Chain stitch.  Sharon at Pintangle said it is used as a linear stitch and creates an interesting textured line.

I must admit I had trouble grasping the instructions - as seen by the purple stitching, using perle #12 - which I removed at least 5 times!  Then the bottom pink row I followed the illustrations in Crazy Quilting - I used perle #5 and it seemed to look a little more like it should.  For the pink variegated pink curved line, I followed instructions in Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches - again I had used perle #5.

Now I'm ready for Sharon's TAST 2013 challenges...

Monday, January 14, 2013

TAST 2012 - Week 50

Berry Stitch
This is the Berry stitch - also called the double lazy daisy stitch or double detached chain stitch.  It is made up of two detached chain stitches.

I used floss for the pink, perle #5 for the burgundy and perle #12 for the purple.

More beautiful creations of this stitch can be viewed at TAST 2012.

TAST 2012 - Week 49

Week 49 - Buttonhole Eyelet Flower Stitch
Sharon found this stitch in the A-Z Embroidery Stitches: v. 2 - it is called the Buttonhole Eyelet Flower Stitch.  

You first work a buttonhole wheel and then you work bullion knots around the edge of the wheel. I got a little carried away wrapping the thread around the needle for some of the petals... the loops are a bit loopsided...

I used 4 strands of floss for the orange flower, Perle #12 for the purple and perle #5 for the orangish flower.  You can see many more samples at TAST 2012

Bella's Christmas Quilt

This is the finished quilted wall hanging that I gave to our granddaughter, Bella, this Christmas.  It is the 'Storybook Snowmen' quilt from the Stitch Connection.  I hand embroidered and hand quilted it and it is 48" square.  She is only 20 months now, but hopefully she will treasure it when she is older - I had fun embroidering while watching TV at night.

It's not the greatest picture - I had just finished it Christmas Eve afternoon!! so I could only photograph it Christmas night after she had opened it.