Friday, November 16, 2012

Stain Glass

When I retired one of the things I wanted to try was stain glass, but I was so busy with painting classes, photography, quilting and embroidery - plus all the lunch and physical activities.  Plus I really did not feel like driving back and forth to the city.  Then a local stain glass person, Carol Hiebert at Catch Yer Eye offered to instruct me - she had me come for four - 3 hour classes.  I really enjoyed the experience - probably as it is so close to quilting.  This is also very unfortunate as I discovered that this new 'hobby' is also very expensive!!  So this one hanging is worth a lot unless I get back there in 2013 and create more pieces - by the time you buy the cutters, pliers, solutions, etc., etc.

Right now it proudly hangs in my window and looks wonderful when the sun shines through it!

TAST - week 46

Checkered or Majic Chain
This week's stitch was fun to complete, after I was able to coordinate my fingers - it required the use of two threads in the needle and it is the Checkered or Majic Chain stitch.  I used pearl cotton #5 as trying to use floss would have been a mess....

More samples and wonderful creations with this stitch can be viewed at TAST.

I would like to thank the wonderful people who have been so kind and leave encouraging comments - one day I will take the time to see how to set my blog up to reply to comments - will need to add this item to my to-do list.

TAST - week 45

Open Base Needlewoven Picot
The Open Base Needlewoven Picot was the chosen stitch of the week.  I had (mistakenly) stitched a few of them in week 44, Closed Base Needlewoven Picot - now I do know the difference and I was able to stitch them much better.  I used 4 strands of floss for the first three, #5 for the next two and #12 for the last two.  I even tried to do a long one at the end - some of you must have used really long needles to wrap around or your sample was really small.

Sharon B at says it is a great stitch for lichen type textures on motifs of trees and bark; stacked in semi circles for great pinecones or worked in circles to form petals for flower like motifs - the leaves stand free from fabric in a 3D manner.  You can see many more samples of this stitch and some really great creations - corn, bananas, water creations, etc at TAST.