Monday, April 23, 2012

TAST week 17

Week 17 - Wheatear Stitch

This is the first time since I started TAST 2012 that I have not heard of the chosen stitch!

Sharon at Pintangle says it consists of two straight stitches worked on the diagonal with a chain looped through the base.

I knew I would be really busy this coming week - so I made sure I took the time to complete the stitch and the stitch from the week before.  Now I can relax and enjoy the wonderful creations that all the others will create with this stitch - wonder when I will get as creative as them??

TAST Week 16

Week 16 - French Knot Stitch

Sharon had us do the French Knot stitch as the challenge for the week.   I have not only heard of this stitch, but I have also used it many times!  I am working on Redwork Snow People and lots of french knots are included.

I was using pink floss and all I could think of to illustrate this stitch was "pink eye" - I'm not a great drawer - sorry!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

TAST Week 15

Week 15 - Stem Stitch
This week was the Stem Stitch on TAST - one that I actually knew and I used last week with the satin stitch!  We have been warned that from now on they will become more complex and less well known...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

TAST Week 14

Week 14 - Satin Stitch
This weeks Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge stitch is the Satin stitch!

I worked it with 3 strands - not my usual 2 as I do not have any thicker yarns.  I will definitely have to stock up next time I am in a shop.  I know my cloth had holes too large for doing a proper satin stitch, but practice was good - so I stitched the flower (sorry the picture is not straight) on some cotton I had so I could know that I could do the stitch properly (just do not look too closely as I need lots more practice to get the edges straight).  My aunt is turning 91 this month - will make it into a card for her.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TAST Week 13

Week 13 - Challenge 1
Week 13 at Take a Stitch Tuesday was a catch-up week and we were given a mini challenge to take 3-6 of the 12 stitches taken so far this year and create an interesting visual piece. It was an excellent exercise for me as a beginner - had to really work on the barred chain.

 I used the chain, detached chain, couching, fly, barred, running and whipped wheel, I also added some french knots.  I plan to make it into a birthday card for my sister this month.

Fish Hanging

I had taken a Painting-Quilting 2-day workshop with Heather Lair in February 2012.  During this time we painted white cotton with acrylic paints, then freestyle rotary cut and created a 'fun, fantasy' wall hanging.  Then did free motion quilting all over.  It measures 14" x 17".  I finally got around to painting the sashing & finishing the wall hanging this week.  The pieces of glass that I attached to the bottom were gathered on the shores of our lake last summer.